White Label Signup Request

Use this form to request Tropitone to set up a white label site for your use. Please download the instructions and worksheet below to familiarize yourself with the process and know what information you will need to complete the sign up process.

- White Label Signup Instructions (PDF)

Your Contact Information
Please enter a phone number where we can reach you with questions about this request.
Please enter an email address where we can reach you with questions about this request.
Store Information
Enter the name of your store.
Corporate Address
Enter the address to be shown on privacy policy and terms and conditions.
For example, if you want your site address to be "joesfurniture.tropitone.com", enter just "joesfurniture". (Can contain only letters and numbers.)
Payment Gateway Information
Enter your API credentials for your Authorize.net account if you have them. You will need to supply valid credentials before your site can go live.
Each computer/terminal in your store will require its own account. Enter the number of in-store computers you will use.
Enter the email address that should be associated with accounts used by your in-store computers.
Choose a question which will be used to request the password for your in-store accounts.
Enter an answer to the question above.
Enter the email address where cart contents will be emailed in order to input into the POS system.
Return Policy
Leave empty for the default return policy.
Tax Collection
Select the states from the list below for which you will collect taxes from customers.
To select multiple states, click the first state, hold down the CTRL key, and click each of the other states you want.