Elance & South Beach Chaises with Arms


Irvine, CA – May 14, 2014 – Tropitone Furniture Company, Inc. opened the HD Expo & Conference in Las Vegas by announcing the introduction of two new chaise lounge models with arms for the ultra-popular South Beach and Elance groups.

“In response to repeated requests from designers and property managers, we asked noted designers Richard Holbrook and John Caldwell to add arms to their respective South Beach and Elance armless chaise lounge designs,” said Peter Homestead, Vice President of Design. “In addition to the functional benefit, the arms add extraordinary aesthetic dimensions to designs that were already quite special.”

The South Beach group is know for sexy curves reminiscent of the sports cars and Art Deco architecture of Miami’s famous South Beach. The design of Elance group is clean, refined and elegant. South Beach and Elance can be found at many of the world’s most prestigious commercial properties.

The Elance chaises are available with or without wheels in Relaxed Sling, Duplex Sling, Padded Sling and EZSpan segments. The South Beach chaises are available in Relaxed Sling, Duplex Sling, Padded Sling and EZSpan segments.

Tropitone Furniture Company is celebrating its 60th Anniversary. Tropitone® was originally established as a commercial brand in 1954 when car travel was starting to boom in the USA. As travelers became familiar with Tropitone® brand products at hotels and motels, they began asking where they could buy such comfortable, stylish and high quality products for their homes. Tropitone decided to fill that demand by offering products for sale at retail. Tropitone changed the performance standards for an entire industry by applying the rigorous product and service requirements of the highly-demanding commercial market to the residential market. The Company now has broad and deep portfolios of products specifically designed for each of the commercial and residential market segments, all with the same total performance standards.

Tropitone is headquartered in Irvine, CA and is recognized throughout the casual furniture marketplace for its product design leadership and commitment to total performance products & services. The International Casual Furnishings Association (ICFA) has named Tropitone Tubular Materials Manufacturer of the Year for four consecutive years. The ICFA also named the Company Manufacturer of the Year. URComfort® is the first outdoor seating to be endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association (ACA). Commercial products are sold to multiple customer segments including hospitality & resorts, multi-housing, clubs and cruise ships. Residential products are marketed through specialty retailers & designers. Products are marketed under the Tropitone®, Basta Sole®, Tropitone® MODA and Tropitone® Valora trademarks. The Company operates primary manufacturing facilities in Irvine, CA and Sarasota, FL.

For more information about the Company and the Tropitone®, Basta Sole®, Tropitone® MODA™ and Tropitone® Valora™ brands, visit www.tropitone.com, www.tropitonemoda.com or www.tropitonevalora.com