More than any other attribute of outdoor patio furniture, the Tropitone® brand is known for comfort. In fact, the design of Tropitone® brand seating begins and ends with comfort. Tropitone uses a wide variety of materials for frames and seating surfaces. These materials are designed in multiple combinations of frame and seat. Of course, a swivel action lounge chair has different comfort objectives from those of a sling dining chair. Nevertheless, each must be as comfortable as it can be given the design parameters.

Tropitone® RELAXplus® cushions bring indoor comfort to outdoor patio furniture by delivering a construction comparable to the most comfortable and durable indoor cushions. RELAXplus® utilizes materials specifically designed for the demands of outdoor patio furniture.

Tropitone® URComfort® self-adjusting seating takes comfort to the highest level for outdoor patio furniture by using multiple pivot points to allow articulated movement of both back and seat. URComfort® can be adapted to any body size and weight with the simple adjustment of a single knob on each side of the seat. The seat-adjustment system allows the user to find the most comfortable position without getting out of the seat. URComfort® is the first outdoor patio furniture seating line to be endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association (ACA).