Outdoor Table Top Grilling

Since the Tropitone® brand is synonymous with outdoor enjoyment, we decided to add even more versatility to our fire pits.

The Tropitone brand table top grill pans are intended to capitalize on the worldwide emergence of the interactive table top grilling experience popularized under the generic name “Korean-Style BBQ.” Each person at the table grills thinly sliced meats and vegetables to their satisfaction on a grill located at the center of the table. The name refers to a type of grilling originated in Korea that is rapidly spreading internationally.

Other than the purely social aspects, Tropitone believes that the attraction of interactive table top grilling is largely driven by lighter ingredients and smaller portion sizes. Tapas, appetizers and smaller meals are a part of the enjoyment of the casual outdoor experience, which interactive table top grilling enhances.

Tropitone® brand table top grill pans are specifically designed to be used with Tropitone® fire pits without removing the burner system media. Tropitone’s objective is to expand the use and enjoyment of fire pits. The table top grill pans are designed to fit right on top of the fire pit burner pan without removing the media. The grill pan is designed to protect the fire pit media from drips, so it is very easy to use. When you are done cooking, simply lift the grill pan off the Fire Pit by its handles for easy cleanup.

The level of heat is very important for an enjoyable experience with table top grilling. Typical grilling is a two-step process. You grill over a very high heat with lots of smoke, splatter and residual heat in one location. You eat in another location. With Table Top Grilling, you grill and eat interactively in the same location with close proximity to the grilling surface. Tropitone specifically designed its table top grill pan to use lower heat than typical grilling. A very small fraction of the 90,000 BTU output of the fire pit is required. The lower heat and unique design of the table top grill pan allows you to sit close to the grilling surface but experience little smoke, splatter & residual heat. And, the cooking results are excellent.

Our table top grill pans are offered in round and square models. The grill pans are made of heavy-duty cast aluminum for effective heat transfer and include a hard anodized cooking surface for ease of use and cleanup. Tropitone has applied for two patents that are pending approval by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Tropitone® fire pits transform outdoor dining into a special experience. The interaction created by the addition of table top grilling takes outdoor enjoyment to another level.