Tropitone® Valora™

Attractive Designs for Residential Spaces with Tight Budgets

In 2013, Tropitone created a brand of outdoor patio furniture specially designed and built for basic utility to complement the Tropitone® brand's total performance. Tropitone® VALORA takes the fun-loving and high-quality performance of the Tropitone® brand and adds hard-working and cost-efficiency. Designed to meet Tropitone Furniture Company’s standards of excellence and quality, Tropitone® VALORA offers budget-friendly outdoor furniture for the residential market.

Tropitone® VALORA outdoor patio furniture groups use a variety of attractive materials that suit any outdoor space, including balcony, bar, deck, dining, fireside, gazebo, patio, poolside, and sunroom. The outdoor furniture pieces are beautifully styled, yet all designs are created in consideration of basic utility and budget constraints.

Tropitone® VALORA is available through an extensive network of designers and specialty retailers focused on residential outdoor patio furniture. These residential distribution partners are authorized by Tropitone.
Our goal is to provide customers with what they want when they want it. The Tropitone Furniture Company will continue to provide quality outdoor patio furniture for many years to come.