Crescent Sectional Seating and Crescent Ottoman Benches

Crescent sectional seating and crescent ottoman benches are a continuation of the Tropitone® brands commitment to enjoying outdoor living. The crescent sectional seating and crescent ottoman benches utilize the Tropitone® brand’s exclusive RELAXplus® cushion system. RELAXplus® cushions have established the performance standard for the industry. The multi-layer construction is designed specifically for the outdoors and provides the highest level of comfort, style and durability. Since the Tropitone® brand is all about enjoying the outdoors, we start with comfort and then make sure our cushions are beautifully styled and stand up to potentially harsh outdoor environments.

The crescent sectional seating consists of three models: Left Side with Arm; Right Side with Arm; and Armless. The three models can be used individually or grouped together in multiple configurations, including a two-piece love seat and a three-piece sofa.

Crescent ottoman benches are offered in two models: Small and Large. The two models can be used as ottomans with the crescent sectional seating or alone as benches. They can be grouped together to form extended crescent shapes or used individually.

The crescent sectional seating and crescent ottoman benches continue the Tropitone® brand modular theme. Modular ottoman tables have been very successful using combinations of squares. The crescent sectional seating and crescent ottoman benches introduce pleasing new curved combinations into the design mix. These modular pieces were specifically designed for flexible arrangements around fire pits and tables. For instance, when grouped together, the curves of crescent sectional seating were designed to fit perfectly around Tropitone® brand 54" and 55" round fire pits. They can also be interspersed around lawns, gardens, patios, decks and poolside to create a variety of incomparable outdoor spaces.