Our Heritage

In the early post-war 1950's, families in the USA began to establish households. They were also becoming more mobile. Veterans returning from World War II wanted to settle down and start families. VA loans made buying a house a realistic possibility through VA loans. This policy was designed to help veterans and support the peacetime economy through homebuilding. The automobile industry was converting factories, once again making affordable cars and trucks for a world of eager motorists.

Cities were once again vibrant and enjoyable. Suburban communities were being created with an array of new homes and apartments that included lawns, gardens, patios and pools. Roads were being built to connect the suburbs to the cities. Eventually, 46,000 miles of the US Interstate Highway System would connect an entire continent leading to convenient and economical travel by car and truck.

The success of the post-war economy created the need for faster travel by air. Vacation and leisure time were becoming an expected part of everyday life. Hotels, motels, clubs and vacation resorts were built to take advantage of the explosion in travel and leisure.

All of these homes, apartments, hotels, motels, clubs and resorts needed outdoor furniture for the lawn, garden, patio and pool.

In 1954, Mr. Burt M. Baker, a retired Lockheed Aircraft engineer and executive at Grand Rapids Chair Co., moved to Sarasota, FL and bought the Sarasota Redwood Furniture Company. Drawing upon his experience, Mr. Baker switched from redwood to aluminum frames for his outdoor patio furniture. The Tropitone Furniture Company and the Tropitone® brand were born.

The Tropitone Furniture Company was originally established to serve the commercial market for outdoor patio furniture. That included hotels, motels, clubs and resorts. Tropitone® brand outdoor patio furniture could soon be found around the lawns, gardens, patios and pools of commercial properties around the country.