All of our fabrics for slings, cushions and umbrellas are designed and constructed for outdoor use and are formulated to withstand the elements. All dry quickly, contain mildew inhibitors and are stain resistant. Please note that proper care will extend the life of the fabric.

All of our cushions are water-resistant and feature quality polyester fill and/or foam that is designed to dry quickly. Our outdoor cushions are constructed of fabrics containing UV and Mildew Inhibitors. Additionally, each cushion is constructed of a mildew-resistant core of self-draining fills, which is then wrapped in a water resistant covering. Very little water will enter into the cushion, but what does can quickly drain by standing the cushion on its side.

Tropitone’s “tight seat” cushions were created to be weather resistant, using outdoor grade materials and utilizing a moisture barrier beneath the fabric covering. All removable pads and lounge cushions will quickly drain water by standing the cushion on its side.

All Tropitone fabrics, fill and foam are flame retardant, meeting fire code rating CA117.


Regular periodic care of your Tropitone furniture will maintain its appearance and functionality better than occasional, heavy duty maintenance. Consider the specific conditions and usage to which your product is exposed so appropriate maintenance is provided. Product failure caused by a lack of reasonable and necessary care and maintenance is not covered by the product warranty.

The life of your patio furniture fabric largely depends on its care. Clean all spills promptly. Fabric life can be extended by simply rinsing down the patio furniture regularly with water. Certain suntan and sun block products may permanently discolor any fabric. This possibility can be minimized by immediately cleaning after contact. In addition, storing the cushions when not in use will extend cushion life.

Prepare a cleaning solution with 1/4 cup (2 oz.) mild liquid soap in a gallon of lukewarm water (no warmer than 100° F / 38° C). Clean fabric with the solution using a sponge or soft bristle brush. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. Allow to air dry.

Hint: Standing a cushion on its side will help it drain faster.

Caution: Certain suntan and sun block products contain "PABA". PABA is harmful to fabric and can permanently discolor it; therefore, contact with cushions or slings should be avoided. If contact is made, cleaning the fabric immediately with a non-abrasive, mild soap and water solution followed by a fresh water rinse may minimize the possibility of discoloration. Laying a beach towel over the cushions or slings of outdoor furniture whenever you are using the furniture will prolong the fabric life.

  • Do not use a bleach solution unless specifically listed as a cleaning agent for the specific fabric, such as for solution dyed acrylics.
  • Do not submerse or allow cushions to lie in standing water.
  • Do not put cushions into the dryer.
  • Do not use harsh detergents or stiff bristle brushes.
  • Do not use Pine Oil cleaners or abrasive household cleaners.
  • Do not use heat or hot water.

Mildew may form on dirt or other substances deposited upon the fabric. Regular cleaning of the furniture will help to prevent its forming. If mildew does develop, add 1 cup bleach to the cleaning solution. Apply to the affected area and allow to soak in. Scrub with a soft bristle brush, then rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary. For stubborn mildew stains, use a household mildew remover - test in an inconspicuous location first. FOLLOW THE MANUFACTURER’S INSTRUCTIONS.


Clean all spills promptly. For a quick, easy clean up - use baby wipes. For general cleaning, see the instructions in the FABRIC section.


Cushions can be replaced to update the appearance of your Tropitone furniture and beautify your outdoor living areas. Tropitone offers replacement cushions to match all current and many discontinued frame styles. You may select cushion fabric from our extensive fabric offering, or we can use your own material. All our cushions feature quality polyester fill and/or foam that is designed to dry quickly. Contact your local Tropitone Dealer or Representative for cushion styles, fabric selection and pricing. To purchase, you will need to know the model numbers for the pieces on which you want to replace cushions. Refer to your original sales receipt for this information.


Slings can be replaced to create a fresh look or to repair your Tropitone furniture. To order replacement slings from your local Tropitone Dealer or Representative, you will need to know the model numbers for the pieces you want to re-sling. Refer to your original sales receipt for this information. For instructions on sling replacement, click Seating under Product Care.