Tropitone uses only the finest, heavy-gauge virgin vinyl with added mildew inhibitors and ultraviolet stabilizers. We require a specific vinyl thickness and hardness durometer for durability and "memory". (The “memory” of the vinyl is its ability to return to the original shape after use.) Our vinyl is formulated to provide years of service. The proprietary material that formulates our EZ Span™ segments also must meet these same material requirements.

Straps, Lacing and EZ Span™ Segments

Vinyl straps, lacing and EZ Span™ segments must be cleaned frequently with a sponge or soft bristle brush using a cleaning solution with 1/4 cup (2 oz.) mild liquid soap in a gallon of lukewarm water (100° F / 38° C). Rinse thoroughly.

In geographical areas with high concentrations of acid rain, fog and/or smog, vinyl must be cleaned monthly with a lukewarm water and ammonia mixture. Use three parts water to one part ammonia. Rinse thoroughly.

For furniture with woven straps or lacing, be sure to lift and clean beneath the strap and/or lace intersections. Commercial casual furniture cleaners will help lift embedded dirt and oil from vinyl and are available at leading casual furniture dealers. EZ Span™ segments have a slight texture; the segments may be cleaned lightly with a non-scratch scrub sponge or soft bristle brush to lift embedded dirt.

Caution: Do NOT use abrasive cleaners on vinyl straps, lacing or EZ Span™ segments.

Caution: Certain suntan and sun block products contain "PABA". PABA is harmful to vinyl and can permanently discolor it; therefore, contact with vinyl straps or lacing should be avoided. If contact is made, cleaning the vinyl immediately with a non-abrasive, mild soap and water solution followed by a fresh water rinse may minimize the possibility of discoloration. Laying a beach towel over the vinyl straps of outdoor furniture whenever you are using the furniture will help protect the vinyl from the discoloring effects of PABA.

Replacing EZ Span™ Segments

Tropitone EZ Span™ segments can be replaced to repair or update the look of your furniture — in some cases multiple colors are installed to enhance the look. Simply order segments in the style and color you desire from your local Tropitone Dealer or Representative.

Replacing Straps and Lacing

Most Tropitone furniture can be restrapped at home or on site, by your local Tropitone Dealer or Representative, or at a recommended repair center. Simply order the color and number of pre-cut straps needed from your local Tropitone Dealer or Representative. Tropitone has two methods of attaching a strap: the "rivet style" uses a nylon rivet inserted through a hole in the strap and pressed into a corresponding hole in the frame, the “slot style” utilizes a tab configuration on the strap end which fits into a slot punched in the frame. When ordering straps, be sure to give the chair name and number, vinyl color, and the strap type: rivet style or slot style. New nylon rivets will be included with a "rivet style" strap order.